I’m scratching my head about headers and titles and meaning, for heaven’s sake. And implication. Thus any thoughts about whether the title of this site/blog means that all visitors will be looking for (and not seeing/seeing, har har) CATS are welcome.

Because this isn’t strictly about cats, although it might sometimes be. We have two of them after all, much loved and adored, called Schubert and Tilly.

Strictly about… I don’t want this to be strictly about anything. Except trying to catch some things that might otherwise slip by, from the past or the present. Either real or imagined.

It’s a habit hard to break, the fear of loss. My whole life I’ve projected being without the most important people/things — what if, I free-fall, what if. Sometimes these projections make it directly into my writing. Most often, though, they just niggle at me: I can’t leave without doing x, without gathering up y. A low-level crisis mentality — all the time.

That sounds much more complicated than I thought when I started. Good grief. Not sure it matters. Is it too early for a glass of wine?