Each time I enter this site I see the what now seems s heavy photo of the crypt. A good — but heavy — night. So light though too that it flies away….

So now to an antidote. Remember two posts back? A line from a country and western song made famous by Barbara Mandrell. I have a deep and endless soft spot for the poetry of old country and western and folk music, the black comedy and rhyme of it. If you are speechless with disbelief, oh well. When you get your voice back, we’ll have a conversation.

Here’s a version of one of my all-time favourite country and western songs, written by John Prine, sung here by him and Nanci Griffiths (oh Nanci! more from her later…). Enjoy. It’s laid back. Only a guitar.

I like this song so much its lyrics are in one of my short stories (Flying). Indeed they are.