It’s the weather for it. Well, today and yesterday. Hot and sunny. Never mind that I’ve spent half of both days in exam boards: argh! All well run though and it’s so gratifying to know that everyone in there, the whole department, tries his/her hardest to ‘do right by’ each student. Driving back this afternoon, I did think that there’s that: beyond the numbers, the marking, the admin hassle sometimes from dawn til dusk, there is a deep humanity.

Okay, it doesn’t come out as much as we want. Like the sun. But it’s there.


So…I’m doing a Laureate event on Saturday (14 June) at Whitstable Tea Gardens, 2-4 pm: a Poet’s Picnic! Yes, you read right. Me and Whippersnapper Theatre again, reading, writing, workshopping. Aimed at children. Theme: identity. To gather pieces for the anthology. Yes, you read right there too. More on the anthology in another post (it’s for grownups and children, everyone indeed in the region…).