Ever have these days?

1) Forgot my gym shoes. So had to turn around. So didn’t go.

2) Schubert gone flat. Hmm. Vet’s this pm. Suspect hairballs.

3) Even Cleo a bit low energy. Hmm. Probably just a kitten thing.

4) M a bit tearful generally. Hmm. Suspect a growing up thing. Alas.

5) Four phone calls ending in an answering machine. Within the same organisation!

6) Every single avenue investigated for publishing any of my work not accepting submissions.

7) Printer not working. So can’t send work out anyway. Ever since the whole computer had to be rebuilt over the weekend. And out of ink.

8) Mobile phone mysteriously not connecting. (To be fair, this is now fixed. Just did the old turn-off-turn-on routine… But yet another technological mishap was irritating, however short-lived.)


And I guess this doesn’t count: but I stupidly caught the side of a door with my — face! — two days ago. Man, does it hurt. No bruise yet though I keep looking. It’ll be fetchingly striped should it appear.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.