Just in case anyone was unduly worried: I’m back with the programme.

1) Gym achieved. Motown played. Much better.

2) Schubert and Cleo on form. 

3) M cheered by good violin practice last night.

4) R fixed printer. Yay! Will get ink later. And more cat food.

5) Although I *did* send a series of weird messages on my mobile phone yesterday, today it seems totally reliable.

6) & 7) Only downers (well, not including general existentialism and too much work overall, too fragmented a life and not doing anything to help the state of the world): still can’t get through to mysterious musical organisation (answering machines). AND STILL HAVEN’T SENT MY WORK OUT.

Here’s the deal: by the next post, work will be out. Some work. A little work. Okay, 15 poems.

Meanwhile, another Italian scene from H, brother-in-law: