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I had to pull over and cry. Obama’s acceptance speech was on the radio.


Here’s the deal:

I never thought I’d hear a politician say the things he’s said. Ever.

I’ve never been proud of anything but America’s past. Certainly not her present. In my lifetime. Until now.

It’s been years since I wanted to be there. Twenty, to be precise. But today I really, really wished I were.



By fluke, I’ll be teaching, judging and reading at the Folkestone Literary Festival tomorrow — when all I really want to do is hole up with Doritoes and wine and watch election returns. Sheesh! How unfair is life!

Rarely does anything literary have any effect on me other than ‘thank goodness it exists’. However, I do wish for once I could put stuff off by one day…

Which makes me think: any current affairs ideas for story exercises tomorrow? Go on, don’t be shy…


And OH MY GOD I forgot to say that Your Messages is at it again! Yes, it is! Go check it out. A little bit of a different format, more possibilities…signed books as prizes…but you must, you really must go for it.

I will.

As soon as the election’s over!

If you are at all following the US election (and if you’re not, you should be dammit!)…here’s a blog that yes Nancy directed me to. I love it. I have no idea if it’s real. They say it’s real. But they would. I don’t care. I like it when someone, anyone, can speak his/her mind with feeling. It helps that it’s a mind I agree with. And that it’s from TEXAS. (And yes, Nancy, sometimes Maine!) Go check it out. There are like 400 comments a day on this thing:

Margaret and Helen


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